Covid-19 has been an unprecedented time for us all with its very unique set of challenges; these challenges have impacted how we live our lives, approach our work and interact with each other.

At Rawlinson and Hunter LLP we have responded by focusing on decisions which have ensured the safety of our staff whilst providing for a continuity of service to our clients. We created a dedicated committee in February 2020 to lead us through the decisions which needed to be made and as a result we were fully prepared for homeworking by the time lockdown came.  

Financial Security
We are proud to recognise that due to the measures taken by the Firm, we have provided continued employment and financial security for all our employees, avoiding the use of the Government furlough scheme, maintaining all salaries at their full level (even for those who, because of the nature of their roles, have been unable to work from home) and  so ensuring that our staff have financial security throughout this crisis.

Flexible Working
With the immediate need to transition from office to home working, the Firm has not only provided the necessary IT equipment, support and guidance to facilitate this transition, but also the decision was taken to further increase the level of flexibility around working hours allowing individuals more autonomy over their working week. 

Mental Health
The mental health and the wellbeing of our employees is important to the Firm and Covid-19 has highlighted the additional unique pressures at this time facing employees, from those trying to balance family life or supporting vulnerable dependants through to the physical and mental health impact of confinement and isolation. We have taken additional significant action through:

  • Providing complete flexibility over when working hours are completed

  • Producing weekly bulletins which provide support, useful information and encouragement to staff  throughout the lockdown period

  • The creation of a Social Comms Committee that organised activities to maintain a sense of community, including quizzes, walking & biking challenges, employee bake off and virtual film & book clubs

  • Running initiatives such as ‘phone a friend’ to encourage staff to maintain communications with each other and support each other

  • Additional virtual departmental meetings organised to allow staff to communicate with their teams on a regular basis

  • Extending mentoring and buddying systems across all levels (including within the Partner group)

  • Maintaining a strong HR presence across all teams so that staff can access independent support when they need it

A Return To The Office

Our offices are now open voluntarily for staff and partners.  Within our offices we have implemented strict social distancing and safety measures to protect the health and safety of our employees which are managed through an intelligent team rotations and social distancing desk booking system.

We have set up sanitising stations around the offices and implemented one way systems in communal areas. All of these measures have been implemented following an extensive consultation exercise with our staff.